Senior Developer


5+ years

We're looking for a senior level full-stack developer to join our interactive team.

You'll be contributing to every facet of interactive (website/app) production, from concept to launch. As such, we're looking for someone with a wide variety of skills. Front-, back- and everything-between-end. Actually, *especially* everything-between-end.

Ideally, you meld well with our tech stack:

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. PostgreSQL
  3. Heroku
  4. Git / GitHub
  5. HTML5/CSS3
  6. jQuery
  7. Social APIs - Facebook, Twitter, et. al.

Even more ideally, you mesh with our people stack:

  1. You enjoy being a part of a team more than you enjoy being a "lone wolf".
  2. You know your capabilities and can deliver work on time.
  3. You speak up when stuff isn't going right.
  4. You do your very best to stay positive and confront challenges head-on.

Additionally, we'd love if you brought some shiny new techniques, ideas and skills to the party. We're building a diverse team, so anything goes.

You should also have excellent written and oral communication skills. This is important enough that it gets its own paragraph. You'll be a member of a distributed agency with teams in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Good communication is essential, and lots of that communication will be over email or video/audio chat.

The Perks

  1. A competitive salary.
  2. Solid Health Bennies.
  3. 401k and Profit Share Programs.
  4. Vacation policy: We all take them and love the refreshing feeling they offer.
  5. A work environment that enthusiastically encourages creativity, risk-taking and growth.


We’re Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, an ad agency that always strives to be honest and true, cool under pressure, resourceful and tough with an appropriately proportioned soft spot. Colorful, serious when necessary, funny when called for, sentimental sometimes, shit-kickingly competitive all the time and profoundly plain and simple by nature. Always ready to ride in and save the day. Passionate and opinionated yet collaborative and with out conceit. Curious. Prompt. Courteous. Prepared. Willing to trust guts and fly by a pant's seat. Driven by ideas, belief in principles, good food, and well-aged single malt scotch. Shitheads need not apply.