App Developer


2-4 years

Apps. We all use 'em. You build 'em. We're talking mobile, here. Native, or close to it. We're looking for iOS developers mainly, but also having some Android know-how would be a definitive bonus. We'll provide the creative and web-engineering firepower to support a wide variety of applications. We need you, a bona-fide mobile developer, to help take us the rest of the way...to the App Store.

As our first app-focused developer you would be responsible for laying the groundwork of the app team within RTO+P. As such, we're looking for someone that's got great leadership and people skills. And dev skills. End-to-end app development experience is a must.

You'll become part of a RTO+P's growing digital team. We're strategizing, designing, developing and maintaining a huge variety of projects for our clients, ranging from social contests, to Arduino-powered games, all the way up to full-scale user-generated content apps. You won't be bored.

The Perks

  1. A competitive salary.
  2. Solid Health Bennies.
  3. 401k and Profit Share Programs.
  4. Vacation policy: We all take them and love the refreshing feeling they offer and so our policy is unlimited vacay.
  5. A work environment that enthusiastically encourages creativity, risk-taking and growth.

Drop us a line with your portolio, work samples, etc. 

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