Digital Analyst


2+ Years

Does optimizing marketing efficiency and effectiveness get you all hot and bothered? Do well written formulas make you all tingly inside? We are hiring a digital analyst who sees the stories and humans inside the numbers. Someone who can transform data into actionable insights to drive our clients’ websites, applications and digital/social marketing initiatives.



Assist in the design and planning of campaign/site success measurements.

Work collaboratively with the Digital Strategy, Account Management, Media, and Social departments to develop hypothesis, establish KPIs and ask pointed questions. 

Collect and aggregate consumer, business, campaign and media data from a number of different sources. 

Monitor and analyze performance to provide insights and recommendations for optimizations and improvements. 

Help drive the creation of dashboards and periodic reports for clients as well agency-wide reporting processes and templates. 



  • Demonstrated passion for telling stories with quantitative data.
  • 2+ years of relevant work experience, agency side is a plus.
  • Extensive knowledge of performance metrics, especially within digital and emerging media.
  • Skilled using data tools to design and build reports.
  • Experience in setup & implementation of Google Analytics (GTM a plus).


Extra Credit:

  • Experience in setup, implementation and maintenance of a Data Management Platform.
  • Media experience and working knowledge of media tools, such as, Adwords, Doubleclick, Facebook, etc.
  • Experience with the design and implementation of GA goal and conversion tracking.


Extra Extra Credit:

  • Ability to study the past, and predict the future, to act in the present.


The Perks

  1. Solid Health Bennies.
  2. 401k and Profit Share Programs.
  3. A stocked Kegerator with rotating brews (goes well with #1).
  4. The office - built into John Wanamaker’s old penthouse apartment, smack in the middle of the city. Like none you’ve ever seen.
  5. Vacation policy: We all take them and love the refreshing feeling they offer.
  6. A work environment that enthusiastically encourages creativity, risk-taking and growth.


We’re Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, an ad agency that always strives to be honest and true, cool under pressure, resourceful and tough with an appropriately proportioned soft spot. Colorful, serious when necessary, funny when called for, sentimental sometimes, shit-kickingly competitive all the time and profoundly plain and simple by nature. Always ready to ride in and save the day. Passionate and opinionated yet collaborative and with out conceit. Curious. Prompt. Courteous. Prepared. Willing to trust guts and fly by a pant's seat. Driven by ideas, belief in principles, good food, and well-aged single malt scotch. Shitheads need not apply.