Art Director


5+ years

Can you make people say, “wow” without saying a word? Do you want to invent new ways to take people’s breath away? Do you defend the beauty of an idea to its death but then become immediately determined to beat it the moment it dies?

The Mandatories

  1. Love of big ideas
  2. Intelligence
  3. Gumption
  4. Like to laugh or make people laugh. Or both.

The Perks

  1. A competitive salary and 401(k) plan opportunity.
  2. A solid health benefits package, all on us.
  3. A stocked kegerator with rotating brews (goes well with #2).
  4. Our agency wellness program. We call it Cowboy Strong.
  5. Vacation policy: We all take them and love the refreshing feeling they offer, so our policy is unlimited vacay.


That's our mission. Simple to say. Nearly impossible to pull off. But when you set the bar that high, every single jump has meaning.