Account Management Intern


0+ years

Do you get excited about nurturing unforgettable creative ideas? Can you multi-task long-term and short-term projects? Does the thought of developing strategy and digging into competitive reports sound like your cup of La Colombe? If you answered “hell yes” to the questions above, we want you.

Here's What We Offer
Real assignments from real clients.
An opportunity to work with some of the best wranglers in the biz.
Experiences where you'll get your hands dirty, see opportunities and solve problems, and think on your feet.
A chance to assist the Account team in all things account people do, like status docs, timelines, job jackets, briefs, strategy, client research, and project development.
Face-time with the partners.
College credit. Although this is an unpaid program.
For interns over 21, two kegerators and five rotating beers, none of which are ever Bud Light, much to Steve O'Connell's dismay.


That's our mission. Simple to say. Nearly impossible to pull off. But when you set the bar that high, every single jump has meaning.