Digital Art Director


6+ Years

You want to be unforgettable and make unforgettable things. Every time out.

You have a talent for using visuals to communicate and make people feel something. You agonize for inordinately long periods over the exact right typeface to use. You ask yourself questions like “if a picture can tell a thousand words, how many words can a GIF or the perfectly looped video tell?” You believe each and every pixel deserves to be represented at its best.

You want to collaborate with creatives, strategists and engineers who stop at nothing to make ideas come to life. You live to champion of simple, beautiful and fresh. You’re happy in an environment that celebrates "we” over “I”. You’ll already be passionate, resilient and resourceful when you arrive but you’ll also be excited to be powered to new heights by a crew who is forever humble and hungry to its core.

The Mandatories

  1. Love of big ideas
  2. 6+ years of experience in the creative digital space
  3. 1+ years in a leadership role
  4. Own projects from concept through launch...and beyond, because digital never ends
  5. Work closely with a diverse range of cowboys that include Creative Directors, Developers, Strategists, Content Managers, and UXDs.
  6. Exquisite conceptual thinking in both visual and interaction design
  7. Ability to clearly and concisely explain ideas to the client and internal teams
  8. Demand and deliver quality assurance of all creative deliverables
  9. Direct and delegate to team and/or outside partners
  10. Constant advocate and champion of client objectives
  11. Exquisite conceptual thinking in both visual and interaction design
  12. Naturally human-centric approach to work and life
  13. A strong portfolio that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of interactivity for web, mobile web, and native apps.
  14. A strong background in creative problem solving, strategic brainstorming, campaign development, creative brief development and creative execution
  15. Ability to work, think, and respond quickly, maintaining attention to detail on multiple projects simultaneously
  16. Well-versed in interactive technologies, best practices and relentlessly curious about emerging trends, platforms and products
  17. Ability to articulate creative concepts and rationale for client and team
  18. Mastery of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate), Sketch, InVision, or other prototyping software
  19. Motivated, decisive, and dedicated to greatness

Extra Credit

  • Experience working with e-commerce, content platforms, social, and mobile applications for major brands
  • Ability to create clickable or animated prototypes
  • Experience with an agile or kanban workflow
  • Experience with HTML, SASS, and Javascript


That's our mission. Simple to say. Nearly impossible to pull off. But when you set the bar that high, every single jump has meaning.