2 - 4 Years

We got 99 problems. Every day. And you have an unwavering desire to  help solve every one of them.

You combine a deep understanding of brands, their competitors, culture and the elusive mind of the consumer to help point the way to ideas that are unforgettable.

You like to sink deeply into almost any brand category at any time, using things like Simmons/MRI, focus groups and quantitative analysis. You also believe in pounding the pavement or the web for answers...or staring right into your solar plexus and trusting what you see there.

You’re deeply and relentlessly curious. You learn so hard that by the time you’re done, there’s no one who knows more about what you’ve learned than you do. You’re restless as hell and don't like to let anything sit for too long. You distill findings into the points that really matter. And you smartly package up and storyboard information and analysis and share it out clearly with others.

The Mandatories

  1. Love of big ideas
  2. Insight fiend
  3. Research and analysis like WHAT
  4. Zen clarity
  5. Storytelling
  6. Cool with clients. The ability to drill down to client’s specific business and communications needs and story-tell our strategy to them
  7. Agency Planning Experience. 2-4 years of experience as an agency planner/strategist. An ad school background would be a very nice to have too
  8. Gusto, someone who swings for the fences at every bat


That's our mission. Simple to say. Nearly impossible to pull off. But when you set the bar that high, every single jump has meaning.