Interactive Designer


3+ Years

You have a talent for using visuals to communicate and make people feel something. You ask yourself questions like if a picture can tell a thousand words, how many words can a GIF or the perfectly looped video tell?” You intuitively see static compositions animate and come to life. You believe each and every pixel deserves to be represented at it’s best.

At RTO+P, you’ll join a team of art directors and designers, riding side by side with strategists and engineers, who stop at nothing to make ideas come to life. You’ll be the daily champion of simple, beautiful and fresh. You’ll be happy to be in an environment that celebrates we” over I” and you’ll be ready to jump into the trenches with your team from day one. 


  • Ability to work on projects from concept to launch...and beyond
  • Work collaboratively with a team of young, talented Designers and Developers
  • Work closely with a diverse range of cowboys that include Creative Directors, Strategists, Analysts and Project / Account Managers
  • Represent Creative to clients. Storytelling abilities are essential, especially when it comes to constructing big idea presentations and selling them through
  • Be a constant advocate and champion of both client objectives and modern design principles


  • 3+ years of agency (or relevant) experience as a creative, specifically with a digital focus
  • Naturally human-centric approach to work and life
  • A deep and almost uncomfortable love for UXD
  • Strong knowledge of digital production techiniques
  • A portfolio that demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of interactivity for web, mobile web, and native apps
  • Ability to work, think, and respond quickly, maintaining attention to detail on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Extreme Proficiency of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate), Sketch, InVision, or other prototyping software
  • Motivated, decisive, and dedicated to greatness

The Perks

  1. Solid Health Bennies.
  2. 401k and Profit Share Programs.
  3. A stocked Kegerator with rotating brews (goes well with #1).
  4. The office - built into John Wanamaker’s old penthouse apartment, smack in the middle of the city. Like none you’ve ever seen.
  5. Vacation policy: We all take them and love the refreshing feeling they offer.
  6. A work environment that enthusiastically encourages creativity, risk-taking and growth.

We’re Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, an ad agency that always strives to be honest and true, cool under pressure, resourceful and tough with an appropriately proportioned soft spot. Colorful, serious when necessary, funny when called for, sentimental sometimes, shit-kickingly competitive all the time and profoundly plain and simple by nature. Always ready to ride in and save the day. Passionate and opinionated yet collaborative and without conceit. Curious. Prompt. Courteous. Prepared. Willing to trust guts and fly by a pant's seat. Driven by ideas, belief in principles, good food, and well-aged single malt scotch. Shitheads need not apply.