Maker Intern


0+ years

Can you bring ideas to life? Can you build, make, create, craft, invent and jury-rig? Are you a jane or jack of all trades? Do you have a way with powertools, pixels and duct tape?

If so, we’re looking for someone to lend a hand in our Maker Department and help knock out gorgeous content on a daily basis. Must submit portfolio samples/website to be considered.

Here's what you get

  1. Real assignments from real clients.
  2. The chance to learn from some smart SOBs
  3. The opportunity for your work to be presented to clients and be produced. 
  4. Face-time with the partners.
  5. College credit if applicable and/or paid stipend.
  6. For interns over 21, two kegerators and five rotating beers, none of which are ever Bud Light, much to Steve O'Connell's dismay.

Here's what we expect

  1. That you work hard.
  2. Push yourself beyond what you thought you could do.
  3. Be respectful to everyone here.
  4. Jump into assignments with both feet.
  5. Be just as energetic if the assignment is a little less shiny.
  6. Enjoy the hell out of your time here.


RTO+P is proudly based in Philadelphia, but our cowboys roam far and wide. Where you work is up to you.


That's our mission. Simple to say. Nearly impossible to pull off. But when you set the bar that high, every single jump has meaning.