Meat. Cheese. Fashion. Welcome to The Dietz & Watson Delishop. On behalf of an 80 year old, family-owned purveyor of premium meats and cheeses, we turned an empty shell on the corner of South Street in Philly into wall-to-wall meaty eye candy, inside and out. Because who doesn't want to play charcuterie corn hole while shopping for a pair of hot dog leggings, hoagie flip flops and Dietz Nuts boxers?

Experiential & Social Amplification

The experience only started when you walked through the door

We created 26 unique experiences inside Delishop over the course of its opening. Everything from a meat & cheese fashion show to celebrations of Pride to beer and hoagie flights.

Branding & Fashion

The world's largest collection of meat and cheese-inspired apparel

We concepted, sourced and produced over 75 unique pieces of branded lifestyle apparel and gear. Hot dog leggings, anyone?


Delishop lives on (line)

We even built a custom Shopify ecommerce site to share a taste of the collection with the world.

What it all boils down to.

A few stats that sum up all our blood, sweat and pride.

Products Sold

Deli Deli

An 8 hour live broadcast, giving away free meats and cheeses on the day of THE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP OF HORSELESS KNIGHTS. Delivered same day by costumed deli workers and beyond by non-costumed Amazon Prime Now. All for Dietz & Watson and meat and cheese lovers everywhere.